Thursday, 13 October 2011

Smartphones & tablets accounted for 7% of all US web traffic in August 2011

"Smartphones and tablets — particularly the iPad — are becoming an increasingly significant source of web traffic in the U.S.
According to web analytics firm comScore, smartphones and tablets accounted for 6.8% of all web traffic in the U.S. in August.
Approximately two-thirds of that 6.8% came from mobile phones, while the remaining third came from tablet devices. The iPad dominated the latter category, accounting for 97.2% of tablet traffic.
The iPad is driving more web traffic than the iPhone, accounting for 46.8% of all traffic originating from iOS devices in August, compared to the iPhone’s 42.6% share. iOS’s total share of U.S. mobile web traffic in August was 58.5%."
Source:  Data from ComScore, reported by Mashable, 11th October 2011

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