Friday, 2 October 2020

5.5m US households experience identity theft each year

 "New consumer research from Parks Associates finds 5% of US broadband households annually experience identity theft, which equates to 5.5 million households affected and at least 6.6 million people. Identity theft ranks as the top data security or privacy concern, cited by over half of all US broadband households."

Thursday, 3 September 2020

UK adults bought 21m new connected devices during the lockdown

"One in five UK adults (21%) – the equivalent of 10.3 million consumers - purchased at least one new digital device as a result of spending more time at home because of the COVID-19 pandemic according to Deloitte’s Digital Consumer Trends 2020 report. In total, up to 21.2 million digital devices were purchased during the first two months of the lockdown period, including two million printers and monitors.

Deloitte’s research, carried out in May 2020 and surveying the digital habits of 4,150 respondents between the ages of 16 and 75, found that UK adults used 170.3 million devices* daily during the first two months of lockdown, equating to 3.5 devices on average per person.

Games consoles, laptops, smart speakers and eReaders saw the highest uptick in usage. Among those who own the devices, daily usage of games consoles rose by 10 percentage-points, with 44% of owners using their console daily, up from 34% in 2019. Meanwhile, daily smart speaker usage rose from 59% to 66%; laptop usage rose from 67% to 73%; and eReader usage rose from 30% to 34%.

Fitness bands and smart watches both experienced a decline in usage as consumers spent more time at home as a result of the pandemic. 60% of fitness band owners used their device daily during the lockdown period, down from 64% in 2019, while daily smart watch usage declined from 64% to 62%. This comes despite an overall increase in the adoption of wearables, from 27% to 31% in the last year."

More data here 

TikTok has over 50m daily active users in the US

 "TikTok, in its lawsuit challenging a ban by the President Donald Trump administration, revealed its monthly users have grown almost 800 percent since January 2018, CNBC reported.

Back then, the app was used by around 11 million Americans, according to CNBC. Then a year later, that number more than doubled as TikTok reported 27 million monthly users.

And finally, by this year, the app was averaging 91 million users per month, with over 100 million by the time the pandemic had set in and was keeping Americans at home, and over 50 million who use the app every day, according to CNBC.

Globally, the app has seen an equivalent spike, with 55 million in January 2018 increasing to 689 million by July 2020, CNBC reported."

Source:  PYMNTS, reporting data from CNBC, 24th August 2020

What households bought during the lockdown

 "In the 13 weeks ending June 27, 1 million more coffee and espresso makers sold and half a million more electric grills and griddles sold compared to the same period last year, according to NPD Group data. Additionally, single-serve blending and processing products saw a 41% increase in unit sales during the period. 

"We've seen it in other recessions, we also saw it after 9/11, that people kind of hunker down and leftovers become critical … making sure that I don't have any food waste," Derochowski said. "So when you think of leftover friendly dishes, there are a lot of your one-dish meals and things that can be made, whether it's [with] a multi cooker or slow cooker or casserole dish or something like this. Those have done well because people are making leftover-oriented foods.""

Wednesday, 5 August 2020

More than 3bn people a month access Facebook's 'family' of services

Note - The 'family' of services is Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp

Adults in the UK watched more than 6 hours of video content a day during lockdown

Full presentation here

Peacock has more than 10m subscribers

"Peacock, the latest major entrant to the streaming video universe, has added more than 10 million signups since its launch. Comcast, the owner of NBC News and Peacock's parent NBCUniversal, revealed Thursday as part of its second-quarter earnings.
“People are watching more frequently and for much longer than we projected,” NBCUniversal CEO Jeff Shell said on a call with analysts.
The news underscores the high interest in at-home entertainment at a time when consumers are staying home and movie theaters in most regions are closed."

'Hamilton' attracted 750,000 new subscribers to Disney+

"A filmed version of the Hamilton Broadway theatre production premiered to much fanfare on the Disney+ streaming platform on July 3rd.
Consequently, the Disney+ app was downloaded 752,451 times globally between July 3rd and July 5th, including 458,796 times in the US alone, according to a report in Variety, citing analytics firm Apptopia.
It means US downloads were 74 per cent higher than the average of the four weekends in June 2020 over comparable time periods (Friday through Sunday)."

Monday, 15 June 2020

Kids in the UK, US and Spain spend almost as much time with TikTok as YouTube

Data provided by 60,000 families with kids aged 4-14 in UK, US and Spain

1/3 of Americans say they avoid restaurants with online ratings of less than 4 stars

"Online reviews are a key driver of restaurant revenue, with one-third of customers saying that they avoid eateries with ratings of less than four stars. Social media is just as vital to driving business, with 72 percent of customers reporting that they have used Facebook to decide where to eat. Both of these channels are plagued with fraud, however, including fake reviews and phishing scams on social media. This month’s Deep Dive explores how restaurants can identify fake reviews and have them removed, and how they can educate their customers to spot impostors on social media."

Friday, 5 June 2020

25% of US households have a subscription to Disney+

Source:  Data from Parks Associates, reported 29th May 2020

The US was the top spending market for AVOD in 2019

Top five countries by AVoD expenditure ($ million)
Ranking Country 2019
1 USA 7,998
2 China 6,777
3 United Kingdom 1,620
4 Japan 1,611 4
5 India 632 5