Thursday, 28 April 2011

It took radio 38 years to reach 50 million people...

Time spent to reach 50 million users
"Radio: 38 years
TV: 13 years
Internet: 4 years
iPod: 3 years
Facebook: 2 years
In 1984 there were only one thousand devices in the world capable of accessing the Internet. Eight years later this had reached one million. Last year it reached one billion, and there will be little surprise if this figure doubles within the next few years."
Source:  Original source is unknown, this is from The Southern Cross, 9th March 2009
Update - it seems that the first stats may come from the United Nations Cyberschoolbus, published (I think) in 2000.  Thanks to Joseph Guenes (@brandingself) for the tip!


omerlutfi said...

Google+ Reaches 50 Million User Mark in About 88 Days.

Ciarpame said...

I was look for the source too, thanks for point me to the UN document.
By digging a little more it seems I found the original source, the UN millenium report, chapter 2 page 32: