Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Hilton Worldwide received over 100,000 room bookings via it's mobile app in 2010

"Hilton Worldwide received over 100,000 room bookings via its mobile applications in 2010, demonstrating the revenue-generating potential of a rounded social media strategy for hotels, the brand has said.
Speaking at the latest Cornell Hospitality Research Summit (CHRS) in the United States, Hilton’s senior VP of corporate strategy Kevin Jacobs said the hotel group had “gone all in” with its social media strategy, which included a focus on mobile applications.
“Since over 80 per cent of Hilton’s guests travel with a mobile device and 40 per cent use it to search travel, mobile apps make sense,” he said.
Hilton’s mobile apps have seen more than 340,000 downloads, he added, and guests used them to book well over 100,000 room-nights in 2010, with revenue up 200 per cent."
Source:  Big Hospitality, 12th April 2011

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