Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Google activates 350,000 Android devices each day

"I think general trends include the proliferation of mobile devices. We have seen Google is now activating 350,000 Android devices daily. That's up from 300,000 several months ago and roughly 60,000 a year ago, so a significant acceleration in mobile. We are seeing Google also serve over two billion ad impressions a day through AdMob, which serves display advertising into applications on mobile devices. We are seeing Google post over $1 billion in revenue from mobile alone, over $2.5 billion in display, so we think display advertising is also at a big inflection point as companies like Procter And Gamble and other consumer products companies are opening up their budgets and spending more online. Twelve years ago that money may have gone to Yahoo! or AOL. I think it's now being focused on social media platforms too, on sites such as Facebook or Twitter, as well as Google, which offers some performance-based display advertising products."
Source:  Brian J. Pitz is an Executive Director and a Senior Research Analyst in equity research at UBS Investment Bank, interviewed on Yahoo Finance, 11th April 2011

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