Monday, 3 October 2011

Music piracy has fallen in Sweden as a result of streaming services like Spotify

"Copyright and download blog TorrentFreak says that the latest quarterly report from Media Vision (in Swedish) prepared for the industry association Musiksverige (Music Sweden) shows a 25% fall in piracy in the country since 2009.
Streaming services such as Spotify are now the most popular way to consume music. More than 40 percent of the participants in the survey now use a music streaming service, compared to less than 10 percent who say they download music legally. About 23 percent continue to pirate music, but this number is dwindling.
The report also examines why listeners say they are moving away from pirate downloads:
Looking at the motivations for people to switch to legal services, participants in the survey cited “the range of music that’s released” as the primary reason (40%). Other explanations were the absolute increase in available music (30%), and the fact that legal services have become cheaper (24%) and simpler (24%)."
Source:  Wall Street Journal blog, 30th September 2011

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