Monday, 17 January 2011

The top 10 reasons people 'Like' or 'Follow' brands on Facebook

"Here are the Top 10 Motivations for Consumers to “Like” and Follow a Brand and on Facebook:
1. 40% want to receive discounts and promotions
2. 37% want to show support for the brand/company to thers
3. 36% hope (want) to get free samples, a coupon (a.k.a. freebies)
4. 34% want to stay informed about the activities of the company
5. 33% want to get updates on future products
6. 30% want to get updates and information on future sales
7. 27% like to get fun and entertainment out of it
8. 25% want to get access to exclusive content
9. 22% mentioned they were referred by someone to follow this brand/company
10. 21% want just to learn more about the company"
Source:  Research from Co-Tweet and ExactTarget, reported by Social Media Today, 11th January 2011

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