Wednesday, 19 January 2011

There are 457m people online in China - CNNIC data

"The China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) issued its 26th report on the state of development of China's internet today, showing that as of December 2010, the number of Chinese internet users had reached 457 mln, an increase of 73.3 mln from the end of 2009; Internet penetration was at 34.3%, an increase of 5.4 percentage points from 2009.
Total broadband Internet users reached 450 mln, with penetration among fixed-line internet users reaching 98.3%.
China's mobile internet users numbered 303 mln, adding 69.3 mln since the end of 2009. Mobile internet users accounted for 66.2% of total internet users, up from 60.8% at the end of 2009.
The number of rural internet users reached 125 mln, accounting for 27.3% of total users, an increase of 16.9% YoY.
The proportion of internet users who chose to log on at home remained higher than any other location at 89.2%. 35.7%, 33.7% and 23.2% chose to access the internet at internet caf├ęs, work and school, respectively. 16.1% accessed the internet from public places.
78.4% of Internet users used desktop computers to access the internet, while 66.2% used mobile phones and 45.7% logged in using notebooks.
Chinese internet users, on average, spent 18.3 hours per week online."
Source:  Data from the CNNIC, reported by Marbridge Daily, 19th January 2011

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