Monday, 31 January 2011

63m console and pc games were bought in the UK in 2010

"Last year, 2010, was another strong year for the UK video games and interactive entertainment industry, with annual sales figures of £1.53bn (entertainment software, pc & console games).
Total sales of console videogame software amounted to £1.45bn, with growth in 2 formats, Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and Sony’s PS3. The total revenue for console hardware sales amounted to £800m.
In terms of revenue the hardware market was headed by Microsoft’s Xbox 360 generating £232m, closely followed by Sony’s PS3 with revenue of £229m. Combined hardware units for these 2 platforms was 2.3m, the same as the 52 comparable weeks of 2009.
In terms of revenue the software market paints a similar picture with Xbox 360 generating £538m and PS3 at No2 with £414m. In terms of units sold Xbox 360 is No1 with 18.2m and PS3 is No2 with 13.8m.
Overall, in 2010 UK consumers bought a total of 63 million console & pc videogames – which works out at more than one per person in the UK."
Source:  Press release from UKIE (The Association for United Kingdom Interactive Entertainment), 4th January 2011

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