Friday, 7 January 2011

Chinese eCommerce site Taobao has 370m registered users

"Hangzhou-based C2C & B2C e-commerce site Taobao announced online shopping statistics for 2010 during a press conference in Beijing yesterday. Taobao reached 370 mln registered users, offered 800 mln items of merchandise, and recorded 60 mln peak daily visitors in 2010.
Single day transaction volume peaked at RMB 1.95 bln on November 11. For the month of November, total sales reached RMB 1.89 bln in Beijing, RMB 1.68 bln in Shanghai, and RMB 1.4 bln in Guangzhou.
Average transactions per user rose 35% YoY, and in December 13.5 mln users had more than 5 transactions each.
Taobao sold an average of 480,000 items per minute in 2010, broken down as follows: 864 items of clothing, 36 handsets, 880 cosmetics items, 85 books, 53 packs of disposable diapers, and 13 lamps. Most commonly purchased products included fast-moving consumer goods such as apparel and consumer electronics, up 120% YoY compared to the most commonly purchased goods in 2009, apparel and home decorations. For handsets, highest single day visits to Taobao's handset channel reached 17 mln users, while peak single day transaction value reached RMB 37 mln."

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