Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Video site Keek has 45 million users

"Keek, the mobile social video network, officially announced today that its community has surpassed 45 million users, making it the largest in the world with over 24 million new users joining in the last 4 months.
Keek attributes its recent growth surge to speed, ease of use and service reliability. Building on a strong presence in the US, UK and the Middle East, the platform continues to spread quickly through Europe, Africa and Latin America, with rapid growth also occurring in Malaysia, Singapore and other Asian regions.
"From the beginning, our entire product focus has been on communication and social interaction versus entertainment," says Isaac Raichyk, Founder and CEO of Keek. "You don't need to be creatively inclined to have fun with the service. We are committed to building an effective communications platform that anyone can use."
Keeks are raw and spontaneous; users aren't required to use filters, stop motion or editing in order to produce content. The end result is a more immediate, authentic and personal experience.
In the last 4 months, Keek has been the #1 social networking app in 45 countries with more than 667 million visits. During this time the platform served over 12 billion pageviews, users posted more than 18 million keeks and over 2.2 billion videos were watched."

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