Wednesday, 3 July 2013

There are 100,000 apps available on Windows 8

"While Microsoft didn't quite hit 100,000 in time for its Build developers conference last week, the software giant is announcing its latest milestone for Windows 8 today. The Windows Store has just passed the 100,000 mark, roughly eight months after Windows 8 went on sale in October. CEO Steve Ballmer had anticipated a total of 100,000 apps in time for July at Build, and that figure has been achieved just in time.
The 100,000 mark is rapid in comparison to Microsoft's own Windows Phone Store, which took over 18 months to reach the same 100,000 figure. In comparison, the App Store reached the 100,000 iPad-specific app milestone in around 14 months, and Android hit 100,000 after around 18 months. Numbers aren't everything and it's hard to compare all stores, but Microsoft appears to be attracting the names it needs to help push its Windows tablets. Facebook and Flipboard both recently committed to building their own Windows 8 apps, shortly after a number of new app launches."

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