Monday, 15 July 2013

41% of Vente-Privee's UK customers have bought on a mobile or tablet

"Leading online pan-European Flash Sale pioneer has found that, of the eight main European markets in which it operates, the UK is by far the most mobile-orientated, with 37% of its UK turnover coming from mobile.
Looking at how it operates in France, Spain, Germany, Italy, UK, Belgium, The Netherlands and Austria, has found that overall 32% of its sales come from mobile devices. This is up six per cent on the end of 2012. Breaking down the mobile turnover figures by device, 53% of turnover came from tablets, 47% from smartphones.
However, The UK takes a substantial lead ahead of the seven other European countries, with France in second place at 29%. There is also an impressive difference between the UK and’s other European countries with regards to its percentage of mobile clients: 41%, with Germany second at 35%."
Source:  Internet Retailing, 8th July 2013

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