Wednesday, 31 July 2013

1/3 of US adult shoppers now regularly 'showroom'

"The biggest beneficiary of these searches is Amazon – twice as much so as Google — according to a study released by Pargo, a Lewisville, Texas-based commerce and rewards company. The company surveyed 1,043 US smartphone owners (53 percent female, 47 percent male) in June 2013 and summed up the results in Dynamic Pricing in Smartphone World. Here are some of the highlights (and points illustrated with the help of graphics from the study):
58% of adult smartphone users and 1/3 of all US adult shoppers now regularly “showroom.”
A price difference of just $5 can sway shoppers from in-store to Amazon purchasing
comparison shopping on a smartphone while in-store is up 400% over last year
Not only is Amazon #1, but it is used for showrooming 2x more than the next option, Google.
For 46%, price is king when it comes to comparison shopping on smartphones while in-store
59% of households with $200,000+ annual incomes buy on their phones weekly while in-store.
The higher the income, the greater the propensity to switch to Amazon to save $5 on a $50 item.
A 5% discount on a $500+ item that is not an exact match, but is similar, can switch half of all shoppers to Amazon."
Source:  GigaOM, 24th July 2013

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