Friday, 12 July 2013

Global mobile ad spend reached $8.9 billion in 2012

"IAB Europe, the U.S. IAB Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence, and IHS revealed today their global figures for mobile advertising revenue leaped a massive 82.8% to €6.9bn ($8.9bn) in 2012 from €3.8bn ($5.3bn) in 2011 – highlighting a strong positive growth story taking place across mobile advertising formats.  With growth rates of 88.8% in search, 87.3% in display and 40.2% in messaging at a global level, ad spend in these formats reflects bullish growth in the sector.
Mobile advertising revenue continues to be dominated by the search segment, which represented 52.8% of total global mobile advertising revenue, or €3.6bn EURO/$4.7 USD in 2012, (€1.9bn/$2.5bn in 2011). Display advertising accounted for 38.7% and messaging 8.5%.
The share by region of the global figure of €6.9 billion ($8.9 billion) for 2012 is:
Asia-Pacific: 40.2% (€2,769mn/$3,558mn)
North America: 39.8% (€2,743m/$3,525mn)
Western Europe: 16.9% (€1,167mn/$1,499mn)
Central Europe: 1.3% (€87mn/$112mn)
Middle East & Africa: 1.2% (€85mn/$109mn)
Latin America: 0.6% (€39mn/$50mn)
Growth year-over-year was strong across the board, led by North America, which saw a 111% surge over 2011 figures. Western Europe also saw a major  increase, 91% over the previous year. Other year-over-year upswings include:
Latin America – 71%
Central Europe – 69%
Middle-East and Africa – 68%
Asia-Pacific – 60%"
Source:  Press release from IAB Europe, 9th July 2013
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