Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Users of the mobile content site Myxer still buy physical CDs

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"- 32% of users listen to music on their phone between 1-5 hours a week, with 26% listening to music on their phone 20 hours a week or more.
- 65% of Myxer users attended at least one live music event in the past year and 55% of concertgoers bought something from the artist at the venue.
- 74% of Myxer users still buy physical CDs, while nearly half of respondents (47%) have reported that radio is the most popular way for them to discover new music."
Source: Myxer Boombox report, May 2010, released June 2010
"Since 2005, Myxer has cataloged demographic, handset, and carrier data for downloads served by our platform. This data set covers over one billion downloads and 35 million unique individuals, and is currently growing by some 90 million downloads each month. The overwhelming majority of Myxer users are in the US.
By mining this data, we are able to uncover what we believe to be interesting trends in user behavior and preferences, demographic changes, and carrier and handset usage. Myxer’s BoomBox Report is our way of sharing this information with the industry as a whole.
For this month’s report Myxer used PollDaddy, an online polling and survey tool, which gathered responses from 1,049 Myxer users."
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