Tuesday, 8 June 2010

135m people in China used internet cafes in 2009

"China's Ministry of Culture (MoC) today released its 2009 Annual Report on China's Internet Café Market, showing that as of the end of 2009, China was home to 135 mln internet café users nationwide, up 8.43 mln or 6.7% compared to 2008.
China's internet cafés receive the bulk of their revenues from hourly usage fees, which have steadily dropped since 1996. Average prices have fallen from an initial RMB 20 per hour to approximately RMB 2 per hour. Total industry value in 2009 was RMB 88.6 bln.
There were 138,000 internet cafés nationwide in 2009, up by approximately 8,000 compared to 2008. The market is divided into three tiers based on the number of computers in each café: large-scale cafés (300 computers or more), mid-sized cafés (100-299 computers) and small-scale cafés (fewer than 100). In 2009, large cafés accounted for 7% of the national total, while 46% were mid-sized and 47% were small-scale. There were more than 150 internet café franchise companies in 2009 with over 4,500 locations combined.
The number of computer terminals in the nation's internet cafés increased by approximately 1.28 mln in 2009, with the average price per computer of RMB 3,500, contributing nearly RMB 4.5 bln to the industry value of the PC manufacturing sector."
Source: 2009 Annual Report on China's Internet Café Market from the Chinese Ministry of Culture (MoC), reported by Marbridge Daily, 8th June 2010

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