Friday, 11 June 2010

Twitter has 125m registered users, up nearly 20m in 2 months

"Twitter’s growth is still accelerating. The service has reached 125 million registered users, up from 105 million almost two months ago.
When the company said it had 105,779,710 million registered users on April 14 at its first developer conference, Chirp, in San Francisco, it said it was growing by roughly 300,000 accounts a day. Today, Twitter spokesperson Sean Garrett said the company had 125 million accounts, meaning it’s been growing at an average pace of about 340,000 new registered users a day since Chirp.
Twitter’s chief operating officer, Dick Costolo, said two days ago in New York that the company was seeing 190 million unique visitors a month to, up from 180 million visitors in April. But visitors are different from active users, which is what competitor Facebook tracks. Garrett said the company favored measuring visitors partly because it is moving toward an information consumption model, where it’s less important if a person actually tweets or shares content. That’s in line with Twitter’s advertising model, which will show sponsored tweets whether or not a person is a registered user of the site."
Source: Data from twitter supplied to VentureBeat, 10th June 2010
Earlier - 106m visitors reported on 14th April 2010

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