Friday, 11 June 2010

Facebook gets 2 billion video views a month

"Facebook is increasingly becoming a hub for online video viewing, with more than 20 million videos being uploaded to the social network each month — and more than 2 billion videos being watched. Those two stats, given exclusively to NewTeeVee by a Facebook spokesperson, underscore the growing importance of video as a communications medium on the social networking site.
The number of uploads, in particular, has grown pretty substantially over the past year. Last March, Facebook said that it received on average 415,000 video uploads a day, or about 12 million a month, 40 percent of which came directly from webcams. And as more mobile devices that are video-ready enter the market, we can expect the number of mobile videos to increase. Last summer, for instance, Facebook released an update to its iPhone app enabling users to directly upload video to the site."
Source: Facebook data reported by NewTeeVee, 8th June 2010

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