Friday, 25 June 2010

Coca Cola's World Cup 'promoted trend' on twitter generated 86 million impressions with a 6% engagement rate

"Coca-Cola saw “phenomenal” results from its first experiment with paid advertising on Twitter, the drinks company’s digital marketing chief told the Financial Times.
The US soft drinks company is only the second brand to sponsor a “trending topic”, using Twitter’s “promoted tweets” to tap into online discussion about the World Cup this week.
It saw 86m “impressions” or views of the ads in 24 hours, said Carol Kruse, vice-president for global interactive marketing at Coca-Cola, which is an official sponsor of the football tournament.
Coke also saw an “engagement rate” of 6 per cent, compared with the approximately 0.02 per cent of people who click on a regular online advertisement."
Source: Carol Kruse of Coca Cola, reported by the Financial Times, 25th June 2010
Note - 6% x 86m = 5,160,000 engagements

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