Tuesday, 29 September 2015

The AA in the UK attends 17,000 warning light-related calls-outs a month

"Hundreds of thousands of cars will find new owners over the next two months but the joy of a replacement vehicle can be cut short when an unfamiliar warning light appears.
Help is now just a fingertip away with the AA app, which can help drivers identify warning light symbols and take appropriate action.
The AA alone averages around 17,000 warning light-related call-outs a month – including more than 4,600 red lights – which peaks when people change vehicle in the weeks following the new car registrations in March and September.
New car registrations trigger dashboard warning light confusion
AA attends 17,000 warning light-related call-outs a month
More men just turn ignition off and on and hope for best
Women more likely to phone a friend
More than 1 in 8 don’t have handbook in car
AA app has warning light information to help drivers"

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