Friday, 11 September 2015

Snapchat generates 4 billion video views a day

"Snapchat has joined an exclusive club: 4 billion video views daily.
The social media messaging app is showing strong momentum, doubling its daily video views in three months. The milestone was reported first this week by the International Business Times and confirmed Thursday by the Los Angeles Times.
The total daily views puts Snapchat in Facebook’s territory. Facebook reported in April that video on Facebook was getting more than 4 billion views a day. Facebook’s stat has drawn criticism from the video creators because Facebook counts a view after someone watches a minimum of three seconds of autoplay in the News Feed. YouTube, which reached the 4 billion daily views threshold in 2012, has stopped reporting that metric, instead focusing on watch time as its top measure of engagement.
Snapchat video views are counted on click, but since they play full screen and are only a maximum of 10 seconds long, it seems likely that people are paying attention."

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