Tuesday, 1 September 2015

21.4m tweets were sent about the 2015 VMAs in the US

"In the United States alone, 21.4 million tweets were sent about the ceremony by 2.2 million individuals. In turn, 11.8 million people received those tweets, which resulted in the VMA tweets themselves potentially being seen 676 million times. This is a significant increase over last year's social media effect, when just 12.6 million tweets were sent.
Also, not surprising, the minute after West's presidential aspirations were announced, Twitter exploded. More than 247,500 tweets were sent at roughly 10:49 p.m. Eastern.
Sources were unclear as to how many of those tweets contained the identical joke, "West/Minaj 2020.""
Source:  LA Times, 31st August 2015

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