Monday, 14 September 2015

Exposure to Tommy Hilfiger's Facebook ads on multiple devices increased likelihood to buy

"The approach has helped apparel manufacturer and retailer Tommy Hilfiger better understand how its online ads influence in-store purchases. The company ran a three-month campaign from March to May in Germany in which Atlas delivered ads across mobile devices and desktops via post-impression retargeting.
Tommy Hilfiger found that for every 1,000 consumers exposed to the ad on a mobile device, 0.3 made a purchase. Similarly, for every 1,000 consumers exposed to the ad on a desktop, 0.33 made a purchase. But for every 1,000 who saw ads across multiple devices, 0.86 made a purchase, which suggests that multiple exposures to an ad can drive shoppers to buy.
Moreover, comparing the company’s customer-relationship management data with impression and clicks generated through the campaign, Atlas found that 13% of members of the Hilfiger Club loyalty program saw at least one of the retailer’s digital ads.
That’s crucial information, says Avery Baker, Tommy Hilfiger’s chief brand and marketing officer. “The campaign not only supported online sales and engagement but drove a measurable increase of in-store purchases—a result that we’ve always found hard to measure.”"

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