Monday, 30 March 2015

Ads on Waze led to a 53% uplift in likelihood to visit a location

"Brands such as Wells Fargo and Dunkin’ Donuts are discovering that users of navigational application Waze are more likely to drive to a retail location after seeing associated Pins or Takeovers.
Waze has released its first set of efficacy studies and also found a lift in ad recall for users exposed to brands’ Pins and Takeovers, two marketing offerings available on the app. One advertiser, Wells Fargo, found that Waze users exposed to an offer for a free credit report were more likely to visit a branch.
“For Wells Fargo, the bank wanted to reach consumers close to Wells Fargo locations, and track branch visits by Waze users,” said Sara Hall, product marketing manager for ads at Waze.
“Waze showed a huge lift in navigations to branch in the exposed group vs. a control,” she said.
“We were also able to test for ad recall, showing that Waze users remembered seeing the Free Credit Report offer.”
Waze compared the driving behavior of a group exposed to a particular brand’s ad to those were not exposed to the ad.
Specifically, Waze compared the frequency with which users searched for and navigated to the advertiser's locations before and after ad exposure in the case of the exposed group and before and after the start of the campaign in the case of the control.
The average navigational lift was 53 percent for those exposed to the ad. In multiple cases, exposed users were more than twice as likely to navigate to a business as a direct result of seeing associated Pins and or Takeovers."

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