Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Music eCommerce site Topspin makes 75% of its revenues from physical products

"According to information shared with Digital Music News, a whopping 75 percent of Topspin revenues involve some sort of physical product.  "We're beyond the one-size fits all product world - thankfully," said Topspin CEO Ian Rogers, discussing the numbers at New Noise Santa Barbara.  "What we see is, 50 percent of what we sell is digital, and 50 percent of it contains something physical.  The 50 percent that contains something physical is 75 percent of revenues, or more."
Sounds astounding, except when you consider the value of higher-end, higher-priced stuff.  These premium goods carry great margins, and for artists with serious fans, it can all add up.  "You can definitely add a lot of money to any campaign by just adding some limited edition goods that are at a higher price point," Rogers continued."
Source:  Report in Digital Music News, 9th November 2010
[Note - presumably if a ticket is sold, and it's a physical ticket, then this counts as 'physical']

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