Wednesday, 14 July 2010

The Daily Mirror sold an estimated 334,000 copies as a result of a Prince album giveaway

"Last weekend's Prince freebie helped the Daily Mirror sell an extra 334,000 copies compared to the previous weekend. Sister Scottish title Daily Record, which also bundled copies of new Prince album '20Ten' in with their paper, saw a sales uplift of 45,000.
Well, I'm assuming it was the free Prince CD that helped the two tabloids sell more copies. Although I heard somewhere that the internet is dead, so perhaps it's a sign of one time web surfers returning to print.
We don't actually know what either title's total sales were on 10 Jul or 3 Jul (ie with and without the Prince), but Billboard did some maths based on both papers' most recent ABC circulation figures and reckons the Prince CD helped the Mirror score a 27% increase in paper sales, while the Record only had a 14% increase. It's thought that when the Mail On Sunday gave away Prince album 'Planet Earth' in 2007 they experienced an uplift similar to the Mirror."
Source: CMU Music News, 14th July 2010

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