Wednesday, 21 April 2010

There are 26m 3G handsets in India - but no 3G network

"As per the figures of the Indian Cellular Association, 26 million of India's 563 million mobile phone subscribers have handsets that are 3G enabled.
Indians who use 3G handsets outnumber the entire population of Australia by about five million, Belgium by 16 million, Denmark by 21 million, the Netherlands by 10 million and Switzerland by 19 million.
The government promises that 3G services will be up and running in six months. The country is only now going through the motions of selecting telecom companies that will eventually run the 3G services. Now the 26 million users use 3G handsets to get only 2G services."
Source: The Indian Cellular Association, reported by Silicon India, 19th April 2010

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