Wednesday, 28 April 2010

11 mobile devices make up 96% of Android mobile ad requests, up from 2 devices 7 months ago

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"Only seven months ago, the HTC Dream and HTC Magic collectively represented 96% of Android traffic. In March 2010, 11 devices represented 96% of Android traffic in the AdMob network. The chart above illustrates the impact of new handsets."
Source: March 2010 Mobile Metrics Report, AdMob, 27th April 2010
More data from the pdf of the report -
"The Motorola Droid was the leading Android handset in March 2010 and generated 32% of worldwide Android traffic. The Google Nexus One only generated 2% of Android traffic in March 2010.
The top Android devices vary by country. The top three devices in the US were the Motorola Droid, HTC Dream and Motorola CLIQ. In comparison, the top three Android devices in the UK were the HTC Hero, HTC Dream and HTC Magic"
See the pdf here

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