Friday, 16 April 2010

The 'David After Dentist' YouTube video has generated more than $100,000 for the makers

"On, visitors can buy T-shirts ($20) and stickers ($5). They can watch the parodies, which include Darth Vader imitating David, and a Super Bowl commercial starring Beyoncé and David, promoting consumer electronics company Vizio.
All in all, with the licensing deals, the T-shirts and a YouTube ad partnership, the DeVores have amassed "in the low six figures," DeVore says. "More than $100,000." (This works out, by the way, to approximately $840 per second for the less-than-two-minute video). Around $6,000 of that has gone to the children's charity Operation Smile."
Source: The Washington Post, 7th April 2010
Earlier - 'More than $30,000' from embedded ads on YouTube reported in November 2009

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