Monday, 12 April 2010

27% of Google's revenue is profit

"[H]ow much of the revenue becomes profit. Here are the numbers for 2009:
Microsoft: 27.7%
Apple: 17.8%
Google: 27.6%
Google and Microsoft are really close here, at just under 28%. Apple with its 17.8% lags behind, but it’s getting better. Go back just five years (to 2004) and Apple’s profit was just 5.2% of its revenue.
Microsoft is quite impressive in that through all the years it’s never gone below 20%. Ok, one exception: in 1985, Microsoft’s profit was “only” 18.8% of the revenue. On the other hand, it’s also gone as high as 40.4% (in 2000)."
Source: Officially reported financial data, collated by Royal Pingdom, 9th April 2010

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