Monday, 26 April 2010

Digital income accounts for 20% of overall music revenues in the UK

"A strong fourth quarter and increased digital income streams offset the reduced sales of physical formats as the UK recorded music market reported a modest 1.4% annual increase in total trade income for 2009 of £928.8m, BPI’s annual survey of industry income revealed today.
Digital income now represents a fifth (20.3%) of overall recorded music revenues, taking into account earnings from online downloads alongside mobile, subscriptions and ad-supported services. 2009’s digital revenues total of £188.9m is 47.8% up on the £127.8m earned in 2008.
In the online sector alone, total income from downloads of digital tracks (£83.7m), albums (£67.3m) and video sales (£3m) increased by 51.7% to £154m overall in 2009."
Source: Press Release from the BPI, 26th April 2010

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