Monday, 5 January 2015

Push notifications drive higher engagement for apps

"As previously reported by Localytics, 52% of people opt-in to push messages. This enables marketers to guide their users back into the app after periods of inactivity. But is push messaging really an effective tool to address the challenge of engaging users and keeping them coming back to your app?
The answer is yes. Localytics examined the engagement and retention of users who opted in to receiving push notifications compared to those who disabled push messages. Users who enable push are undoubtedly more engaged, but by how much?
88% higher engagement on average for push-enabled users
E-commerce apps exhibit the highest push engagement lift at 278%
Users who enable push have a nearly 3x higher retention rate compared to those who disable push
App abandonment rate for one time app use decreases from 21% to 11% for push-enabled users
Push-enabled users show drastically higher engagement and retention"
Source:  Localytics, 19th August 2014

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