Monday, 11 March 2013

A typical user looks at a mobile phone 150 times a day

"How Typical User Looks at Mobile 150 Times Per Day Globally
Messaging related 23 times per day
Voice call related 22 times per day
Clock 18 times per day
Music Player 13 times per day
Gaming 12 times per day
Social Media 9 times per day
Alarm 8 times per day
Camera 8 times per day
News and alerts 6 times per day
Calendar 5 times per day
Search 3 times per day
Other random web browsing 3 times per day
Charging phone 3 times per day
Voice mail 1 times per day
Other miscellaneous uses 10 times per day
Total 150 times per day"
Note - LOTS more data available in the blog post!
Update:  Mary Meeker used this in her recent Internet Trends presentation, and has been called out on it by SFGate.
"The person Meeker listed as the source for the slide, mobile consultant Tomi Ahonen, says he never saw any data to back up the 150 times-a-day number. It was a figure he had heard cited at conferences since 2010. The figures presented in Meeker's bar chart were "definitely only opinion," and "not intended in any way as a 'study' of consumer behavior."
Perhaps more significantly, his blog, in introducing the information, was clearly not discussing smartphones. It read: "What would a 'typical user' do with the non-smartphone today ... ?""

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