Thursday, 7 March 2013

1,400 fragrances were launched in 2012

"Wonder how many fragrances were launched in 2012 (we know, you were totally losing sleep over it, right)? A whopping 1,400. And now, thanks to Dutch artists Lernert and Sander, you can now smell all of these perfumes together, at once, in one big, fat perfume they're fittingly calling Everything. Perfume phobes, hide your noses.
Apparently, over the past year, Lernert and Sander systematically collected sample vials of every single new fragrance that was launched. Now, they're combining all of them in one handblown bottle (designed to look like an elephantine sample vial) and displaying it at super-chic Parisian boutique Colette, so that innocent shoppers can be assaulted by experience the mix for themselves."
Source:  Refinery29, 1st March 2012

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