Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Twitter stats from the final of The X-Factor 2012

"While the viewing figures for yesterday’s X Factor final were down compared to 2011 the use of Twitter throughout this year’s series has increased significantly. Here are a few Twitter facts and figures about this year’s X Factor UK:
There were 1,126,802 tweets about the show during the final.
The Tweets per minute peaked at 28,377 during the final show.
It is estimated that there have been more than 14 million tweets about the show this year.
#XFactor has been used over 3.5 million times since the start of the 2012 series.
Over the course of the series #Jahmene/@JahmeneDouglas has been used 769,220 times.
Over the course of the series #JamesArthur/@JamesArthur23 has been used 2,066,318 times.
#Rylan/Rylan/@RylanClark has been used a total of 3,576,431 times during this year’s series compared to being used 38,306 times in the same time period just before the start of the series.
The biggest peak in tweets per minute was 49,000 when the two favourites James Arthur and Ella Henderson were in the bottom two.
Gary Barlow’s remark about Tulisa’s “fag ash breath” was mentioned nearly 45,000 times on Twitter on the day of that episode.
James Arthur (@JamesArthur23) now has 1,122,209 followers on Twitter.
Jahmene Douglas (@JahmeneDouglas) now has 481,943 followers on Twitter.
Rylan (@RylanClark) now has 489,918 followers on Twitter."
Source:  Stats collated by Carat UK, reported in their blog, 10th December 2012
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