Wednesday, 19 December 2012

27% of American Pinterest users claim to have bought a product as a result of seeing it on someone else's board

"The Social Habit research of American social media users shows some pretty staggering insights. A few highlights:
Usage of Pinterest is already nearly as large as LinkedIn with 21% having a Pinterest account versus 26% on LinkedIn
More than half of Pinterest users visit the site each day.
We could be seeing just the tip of the iceberg for Pinterest’s growth. 38% of U.S. social media users plan to use Pinterest more often
70% of the site’s users are women and 64% of the site’s fans are under the age of 34. In fact, Pinterest is the third-most widely-used social network for women 18-44 (behind Facebook and Twitter).
The most popular pins?
Arts & Crafts
Interior Design
Family-Related Content
Here’s the big one: 27% of Pinterest users have purchased a product as a result of seeing it on someone else’s pinboard."

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