Monday, 10 December 2012

52% of US smartphone-related searches happen before launch

"Product upgrades, and having the latest and greatest devices are top reasons consumers purchase new smartphones. Google has been following smartphone launch trends since 2010. We found that search predicts smartphone sales, with over 90% accuracy. In this 2012 Smartphone Launch Predictor study, we uncovered several tips to forecast product success. Here is a sampling:
An extra 1,000 news stories in the weeks before launch will likely lead to a 9% boost in smartphone sales. Marketers should generate buzz for extended interest: Maximize press and marketing efforts early.
A whopping 52% of purchase-related searches occur before launch (and over one third of general smartphone searches). Marketers should reach customers earlier in the pre-launch period.
An extra 25,000 mobile searches will likely increase smartphone sales 17%. One month after launch, those searches boost sales 20%. Marketers should make sure to connect across screens, throughout the launch cycle."
Source:  Google's Smartphone Launch Predictor Study, November 2012
Note - Download the full pdf at the link

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