Wednesday, 19 December 2012

The two most retweeted tweets of 2012

"Here are the top two Tweets that generated the most Retweets for the year, plus honorable mentions for a few other Tweets that caught attention around the world.
Barack Obama  @BarackObama
“Four more years”
6th Nov 12 - 810,000+ Retweets, 300,000+ Favorites
Justin Bieber  @justinbieber
“RIP Avalanna. i love you”
26th Sep 12 - 220,000+ Retweets, 100,000+ Favorites
Team GB  @TeamGB
“29 gold, 17 silver, 19 bronze - We finished 3rd in medal table after most successful Olympics for 104 years #OurGreatestTeam RT your support”
12th Aug 12 - 67,000+ Retweets  5,000+ Favorites
TJ Lang  @TJLang70
“Fuck it NFL.. Fine me and use the money to pay the regular refs.” (Most re-tweeted NFL post)
24th Sep 12 - 98,000+ Retweets, 28,000+ Favorites
“…I would like to announce here: I, Koichi Yamadera, have married Ms. Rie Tanaka … I am really happy to have met such a great partner and have our lives come together. We made up our minds to respect each other, help each other and build a home full of smiles…” (Translated from Japanese - this was the most retweeted post in Japan)
17th Jun 12 - 68,000 Retweets, 6,000 Favorites"
Source:  Twitter's review of 2012, December 2012

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