Thursday, 13 December 2012

Twitter had 'around 300' advertisers in the UK in 2012

"Twitter has compiled a top-10 list of the best promoted product campaigns by brands on the platform this year, based on a combination of data including total engagements, reach and impressions.
Twitter started serving ads in the UK in September last year. This year it ran around 300 campaigns in the region.
Top 10 UK Twitter Campaigns
@EE, brand launch campaign, by MEC (October)
@StarbucksUK, #FreeStarbucks campaign, by Mannigottlieb OMD (March)
@Puma, Usain Bolt's 100 metre final campaign, by Zenith Optimedia (August)
@DairyMilk, sample giveaway for puzzle solvers, PHD (September)
@EASportsFifa, to promote the launch of Fifa13, MediaCom (September)
@EnterTheCabinUK, Lionsgate promotion for launch of the film 'Cabin in the Woods' by MEC (April)
@CokeZone, #freecocacola trend, by Carat (September)
@AdidasUK, Olympics closing ceremony campaign, by Carat (August)
@NowTV, Sky’s launch campaign, by MediaCom (August)
@AssembleLive, Disney Pictures promotion for launch of The Avengers movie from Disney Pictures, by Carat (April)"

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