Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Mobile web users spend more time consuming media on their smartphones than watching TV

"Mobile web users now spend more time consuming media on smartphones than they do watching TV, according to research by ad network InMobi.
Britan's mobile data users consume an average nine hours of media a day - 2 hours, 47 minutes of which is spent on mobile, compared to 2 hours, 24 minutes watching TV.
It's a similar story in the US, where mobile web users also spend nine hours consuming media, and where mobile (2 hours, 24 minutes) again outpaces TV (2 hours, 21 minutes).
In Germany, meanwhile, mobile is leading by a much greater margin. Of the 6 hours, 30 mins of media time each day, mobile makes up 2 hours, 5 minutes - significantly more than the 1 hour, 25 minutes spent watching TV. More than 40 per cent of German respondents stated mobile as their primary or exclusive means of going online."

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