Friday, 14 September 2012

Apps 'are now an integral part of British family life'

"More than 1/3 of British parents [with app-enabled devices] now see apps as integral to family life
New research out today from Disney UK reveals that in just four years since the first app was downloaded, Britain has become a nation of ‘Appy Families.  75% of parents with app-enabled devices share them with their kids and more than one third of parents already consider apps to be an ‘integral part’ of family life.
Disney surveyed 2,000 UK parents who own an app enabled device and found that despite the wealth of free apps, 49% of parents are ‘appy to spend money on apps each month. Even with the tough economic environment, the research shows two in five parents spend up to £10 each month, which means UK families could be spending as much as an estimated £132 million a year.
The findings also reveal that more than half of parents questioned have downloaded an app at the request of their child (or children).  Once downloaded, it’s the kids who instantly understand the technology and functionality, with 56% of parents having had their child teach them, or another family member, what to do. There is no age gap to getting ‘appy either with 38% of children having shown their grandparents how to use apps.
It’s not just the older kids getting ‘appy, with almost half of parents, who have one child aged five or under, saying their little one uses at least one app-enabled device.  31% say their young child has taught another family member how to use an app, particularly a grandparent (62%)."

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