Friday, 28 May 2010

China has 105 million browser game users, including 92 million social game users

"The China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) has released its 2010 China Browser Game Survey Report, showing that as of April 2010, China had 105 mln browser game users, including 92.09 mln social game users, 23.84 mln massively multiplayer online (MMO) browser game users, and 37.91 mln single-player browser game players, with some user overlap between all three categories.
The report said that, at a usage rate of 87.7%, social games possess significant commercial potential due to user tolerance towards advertising. CNNIC reported that 71.3% of social game users are exposed to in-game advertisements, of whom 2.2% said they would purchase goods advertised. The report also showed that social games can help boost stickiness of social networking sites. When asked whether they would leave a social networking site if it lacked games, 27.4% of respondents said "definitely" and 45% said "maybe.""
Source: CNNIC 2010 China Browser Game Survey Report, reported by Marbridge Daily, 27th May 2010

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