Wednesday, 26 May 2010

320m people in China listened to music online in 2009

"Total online music users nationwide reached 320 mln in 2009, up 28.8% YoY and adding 71.74 mln new users. Mobile music users grew by over 60 mln to reach 470 mln total in 2009, up 15% YoY.
China's total internet music market revenues (including both online and mobile) reached RMB 2.01 bln in 2009 (including music content and service provider revenues, but not telecom operator revenues).
China's mobile music market revenues (also excluding telecom operator revenues) in 2009 reached RMB 1.84 bln [approx $270m] accounting for 91.5% of the total internet music market. Revenues from online music reached RMB 170 mln, accounting for 8.5% of total revenues.
In terms of businesses models, advertising accounted for 88.3% of online music providers' revenues, while fee-based models remained in the exploratory stage. Mobile music relied mainly on telecom operator platforms to charge users, so that telecom operators received the lion's share of profits in the mobile music supply chain, while wireless value-added service providers and content providers received a limited share."
Source: China Internet Music Market 2009 Report, by the Chinese Ministry of Culture reported by Marbridge Daily, 25th May 2010

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