Monday, 17 May 2010

Approximately 4,000 iPhones are sold each day in Korea

"At last, half a million Apple iPhones have sold in Korea by the end of this month. The phones were an instant hit as soon as they belatedly hit the Korean market on Nov. 28, 2009 and sales remain at some 4,000 a day. The phones sold over 500,000 in only seven countries including the US, Germany, France and Japan. Apple is reportedly surprised at how fast the iPhone is selling in Korea.
People believes iPhone sales will slow down with the launch of new smartphones like Samsung’s Android Phone but still expects the total number sold to reach 1 million this year. Because many people are waiting for new iPhone 4G device in June.
Ironically Safari users in Korea were increased about 10 times compared with 6 month before. The most Korean online news service, Media Daum reported web browser share: IE6 57.1%(-7.8%), IE8 21.2%(+12.9%), IE7 16.8%(-3.01%), Safari 2.54%(+2.15%), Mozilla Firefox 1.2%(+0.01%) and Google Chrome 0.96%(+0.34%). The number of Safari users caught up with Firefox’s and it became #2 web browser in Korea."
Source: KoreaCrunch blog, 29th March 2010

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