Wednesday, 4 November 2015

US Netflix subscribers watch an average of 10 episodes & 4 movies a week

"Regular (monthly) Netflix users in the US have grown even more dependent on the service for viewing TV programming, saying they watch 10 shows per week via the platform – as well as four movies during the same timeframe. For TV content, this represents a doubling of the level (five shows per week) found in the same survey three years ago.
Projected to the full population, this means that the average US consumer ages 13 to 54 watches roughly five TV shows and two movies per week via Netflix using one or more platforms.
The findings come from Over the Top TV 2015: A Complete Video Landscape– the latest study in market and consumer information source GfK’s ongoing The Home Technology Monitor series tracking media technology and services. The new report includes trends from five prior OTT studies conducted since 2010."

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