Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Adele's 'Hello' is the first song to sell more than 1m downloads in a week in the US

"Adele’s ‘Hello’ has just sold 1.11 million downloads in one week, the first time any song has sold more than a million downloads in seven days or less.  The data comes from Nielsen, with a large bulk of the downloads coming from the iTunes Store and Amazon.
Adele is utterly crushing the record books on this one.  Previously, the closest anyone has ever come to hitting one million in a week is Flo Rida, whose ‘Right Round’ sold 636,000 downloads during its debut week back in 2009.  Adding to Adele’s accomplishment is the continued slide in overall song download sales, which are quickly losing ground as music fans shift to streaming music platforms like Spotify and YouTube."

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