Friday, 2 November 2012

There is a strong correlation between engagement & organic reach on Facebook; weak between frequency of posting & reach

"We pulled 4 months worth of data for a client that we have worked consistently with and whose content and campaign focus has changed little over the 4 months thereby minimising the variables. From this data we aggregated the daily organic reach of the page up to the weekly level and subtracted daily likes away from the daily PTAT number. This last step was to ensure that the people talking about this figure was from likes of content, shares and comments rather than likes of the page which do not relate to page posts.
These data sets were then compared to one another to find the correlation coefficient between organic reach & engagements and organic reach & frequency of posting.
We find that there was a strong correlation between engagements & organic reach (0.86)
There was a weak correlation between frequency & organic reach (0.22)
We also found a negative correlation between posting frequency and engagements (-0.011)"

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