Friday, 16 November 2012

Approximately 340 phones, including 170 iPhones are stolen in London every day

"More than 170 iPhones are being stolen every day in London, shock new figures reveal.
Commuters and pedestrians are being targeted for their smartphones by muggers on bicycles in the capital’s fastest growing crime spree.
The plague of thefts is revealed in figures released by Scotland Yard showing that a total of 28,800 iPhones were reported stolen to police in London in six months between April and September this year.
Police say iPhones now make up more than half of all mobile phone thefts in the capital.
In the same period a total of 56,680 mobiles were stolen in the capital, or around 337 a day.
Thieves are also targeting people with Blackberry phones and other popular makes such as Samsung."

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