Friday, 30 November 2012

SocialCam, Viddy & Draw Something have seen usage decline steeply

"When I look at retention on mobile today, a 30% monthly active user rate is much higher than what publicly available data tells us:
Socialcam: In June, Socialcam had 83.6M monthly active users connected to Facebook. Today, it has 4.3M. This is a decrease of 95% in 5 months.
Viddy: In June, Viddy had 20.9M monthly active users connected to Facebook. Today, it has 660K. This a decrease of 97% in 5 months.
Draw Something: In April, Draw Something had 36.5M monthly active users connected to Facebook. Today, it has 9.1M. This is a decrease of 75% in 7 months.
Path: In December, Path had 250K monthly active users connected to Facebook. Almost one year later, they have about 780K monthly active users. While the 2.0 version of their app led to much initial growth, it seems that growth hasn’t affected churn."
Note - on the Path number she says this in the comments:
"Pete Griffiths 
I am puzzled by the Path example. That's a 300% INCREASE isn't it?
Cristina Cordova 
Yes, it's an increase. However, an increase in the hundreds of thousands over a year is worrisome for an app that has been around for over 2 years and has several million downloads. 
Retention should be increasing significantly with growth in this case.
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I think the point is that in this bunch, Path is a shining poster child of retention. I hate to admit it but I use it constantly on a daily basis. They possibly just need a solid ad campaign, because the retention thing they've got down, at least CONCEPTUALLY: "a way better mobile oriented news feed like thing". That's retention. .
Cristina Cordova 
I don't think they have it down. They hit 3M downloads in June and are at 780K MAUs 5 months later. That's a 26% MAU rate excluding any downloads they've had since June, which means it's even lower than 26%."

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